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13 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Showings

1. Arrange the furniture and discard unused items so each room appears as spacious as possible.
2. No matter what the season, consider it spring and do your "spring cleaning".
3. Buy higher intensity light bulbs and put them in every lamp. They'll make the rooms brighter and feel warmer.
4. Brighten things with fresh paint. White, off-white or beige walls make a room look bigger and lighter.
5. Clean all of your windows and mirrors so they sparkle.
6. Check all closets to be sure clothes are neatly arranged. Keep as few items as possible stored in overhead shelves and on floors.
7. Keep kitchen countertops clean & free of clutter. Organize kitchen cabinets and cup-boards.
8. Clean the oven as well as all other appliances. Polish the chrome on the sink.
9. Polish the tub, toilet and bathroom sink.
10. Go through the basement, attic and garage. Organize them so they appear as spacious, neat and as clean as possible. It's a great time to have a garage sale!
11. Launder draperies and curtains if needed.
12. Shampoo carpets and wax floors. Consider replacing your carpet if it is worn. You may not recover the costs but, your home may sell faster.
13. Get out your tool kit: tighten loose doorknobs, pulls on drawers and cabinets, towel racks and switch plates. Repair and clean caulking around tubs and sinks. Fix leaky faucets, remove water stains.

The above text is for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.
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